Defense, Aerospace and Government Technology
are strategic industries.

DACIS Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A) complements the DACIS Professional Edition, providing up-to-date coverage of the industry's M&A activity illuminated by our proprietary analysis and cutting-edge online features.

News and information abound, but DM&A delivers perspective and insight that help you understand the players and trends taking place in the markets that matter to you.

More than $20 billion is spent every year on merger and acquisition activity in the defense, aerospace, and government technology markets. We are dedicated to covering activity in this vast marketplace.

A staple that U.S. and international defense companies, investment banks and advisors, consultancies, and government organizations have all relied upon since 1989, DM&A is more than information, it's a true service.

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Publicly and privately-held companies
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Defense, Aerospace, and Government
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DM&A Daily
DM&A Daily provides a daily stream of news and analysis—much of it original—delivered exclusively to DM&A subscribers each business day. Subscribers learn who is buying whom, who is on the block, who is advising whom, and what we think about it.
Private Equity/Portfolio Service
An exclusive listing of the defense, aerospace, and government technology holdings of private equity firms. Organized by sector and linked with the rest of DACIS including the DM&A Database. Large and small, DM&A has information on more than 160 PE firms—and then more than 250 portfolio companies they own.
DM&A Articles
The articles appearing in our DM&A Daily eNewsletter offer incisive, original, and provocative commentary on the strategies being pursued by the industry's leading dealmakers.
Investment Banks
We provide reports on dozens of financial advisors involved in industry transactions, from mega-banks to advisors specializing in middle-market and boutique acquisitions. Advisors are identified on the buy-side and sell-side for hundreds of transactions.
DM&A Transactions Module
U.S. intelligence agencies, the biggest investment firms on Wall Street, and the defense and aerospace industry's top 10 firms all rely on DM&A. The database contains more than 15,000 records, including transactions going back to the beginning of the 1980s. New transactions are added daily, while older transactions are updated with new information as it becomes available, including financial information from SEC filings.
Buyer Profiles
Reports on the industry's top buyers, with deals grouped by operating sector including the financials of publicly held firms. Buyer Profiles provide a unique and insightful way to look at your competitors' strategies and priorities.
DM&A Top 100
Dynamically generated pages provide a rank-ordered look at the industry's top deals for each year since 2004. And each deal is linked to our DM&A Database, giving you full access to that deal's numbers and description.
Comparable Deals
View industry market sectors, and market niches, for U.S. and international deal making activity. Segmentations are both market-oriented, for example "Homeland Security - Biometric Identification" and topic-oriented such as "Acquisitions by Private Equity Firms".
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"I have been using DACIS for almost 10 years now and continue to find that DACIS is the first place I go to find out industry related news. It is an invaluable one-stop resource for merger and acquisition related research, competitive analysis and easy access to detailed budget information."
Scott M. Weiner, Senior Vice President, Unmanned Systems; Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Cobham Mission Equipment
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January 30, 2018