Sure, there are Companies services out there that
cover more industries than we do.

DACIS Companies specializes in covering defense, aerospace, and government technology companies—and that's all.

Because we don't cover the waterfront like our competition, we can dive deeper on the companies you care about. We report on their operating segments, their divisions, their subsidiaries, their joint ventures, their equity interests.  You compete at those levels, so we compete there too.

This is multiple-source competitive intelligence. The information is public but the processes and presentation are proprietary. The coverage is deep, and updated continuously, so you'll never miss a step in keeping up.

Coverage ::
Millions of U.S. companies; more than 1,000 international companies
Company Types ::
Public & private; 8(a), Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned, Other SDB Categories, Universities, Not for Profits, FFRDCs, more
Data Points ::
Locations, Points of Contact, Ownership, Chronologies, more
Geography ::
US & International
Markets ::
Aerospace - Defense - Government
It's Linked With ::
We Cover Thousands… Make That More Than a Million… Companies
We began by creating a proprietary Companies module which contains in-depth information on more than 2,000 large and mid-sized defense, aerospace and government technology firms.  Then we created a powerful version of the "Contractor Entities" contained on the U.S. government's website. This resource—we call it "Cost Centers", because that's what all these "entites" are—has expanded our coverage by more than a million companies.  The harmonization of Companies and Cost Centers allows DACIS to provide a deep and comprehensive picture of the industry.
We've Got the Defense Industrial Base Covered
Multiple DoD agencies entrusted with tracking the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), and the cost-estimating civilian companies who support them, are enthusiastic DACIS subscribers. They come to us because "competitive intelligence" isn't just in our name, it's in our DNA. We provide the industry's best organizational information, information on program involvement, employee counts, and facility size information (the last is a hobby of ours—we're up to more than 600 million square feet in the aggregate, and the total is rapidly growing). And our interest isn't just defense—we track industrial base information for the aerospace and government technology sectors with the same dedication.
Our Companies Coverage is Enhanced by Linkages with U.S. Government Databases
The coverage in DACIS Companies is thorough, complete and insightful.  And it takes on new dimensions of usefulness in its integration with several U.S. government databases—namely the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS), and's Contract Opportunities (formerly FedBizOpps) and Contract Entities services. We've digitized the DoD Budget for good measure to round out the operational picture.  
Companies is Fully Integrated With the Industry's Leading M&A Service
Published since 1990, DACIS Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A) has established a reputation as the leading source of strategic analysis and insight for the defense, aerospace and government technology industries.  DACIS Companies is fully integrated with DM&A.  How fully?  The company whose acquisition was closed today is integrated into the structure of its buyer, today.  With proprietary insight into what the deal means for buyer and seller.
We Cover Joint Ventures and Equity Stakes
When a business has more than one owner, we take care to reflect the full arrangements in DACIS Companies.  Its two or more owners will reflect the joint venture appropriately within their structures, with ownership percentages reflected where known.
The Back Story
We've been doing what we do for decades—time enough to have tracked the industry through thousands of reorganizations, name changes, acquisitions, etc. These are all faithfully recorded in DACIS Companies. You'll find out just how useful that is when you're pursuing a contract and you're not spinning your wheels trying to figure out what went on seven years ago when the work was originally competed.
"We have to understand what's happening in the information technology market place and need more than new variations on company rankings. To dig, investigate and explain what our competitors are doing, there's nothing like this service."
Thomas Auld, Manager, Business Intelligence, Northrop Grumman Information Technology
"When using subscription databases for Price to Win (PTW), I spend 80% of my time in DACIS because it provides the most complete and comprehensive competitive intelligence of any service on the market. DACIS enables us to quickly get a snapshot of a market, competitor, or program without having to spend significant time searching multiple sources. Thank you!"
Ricardo Lopez, Director, Competition Solutions, Lone Star
"I found last week's webinar extremely informative, and I'm using DACIS non-stop in my new PTW role. I'll definitely be attending the webinar today to try and learn more about the system as it is critical to my success in this role!"
Rafael Sepulveda, Price-to-Win Analyst, ManTech International Corporation
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