Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A) Debuts Private Equity/Portfolio Company Service

InfoBase Publishers announces the debut of its PE/Portfolio service, the newest addition to the Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A) service.
The PE/Portfolio service brings together more than 100 private equity firms which are actively investing in defense, aerospace, and government technology markets. And it features reports on the more than 185 portfolio companies which they own in the industry.
"Nothing quite like DM&A's new PE/Portfolio service has been available to our industry before," said DM&A editor Stuart McCutchan. "This information is prized by M&A decision-makers, because every portfolio company is, by definition, for sale. But it's information which is notoriously difficult to find, and once found, to keep current."
DM&A analysts began systematically gathering information on private equity portfolio companies more than a year ago. And then they exhaustively linked that information with the broader Defense/Aerospace Competitive Intelligence Service (DACIS), of which DM&A is a part.
"Integration with DACIS is a vital 'value-add' for the PE/Portfolio service," said McCutchan. "Once you've identified a portfolio company of interest, we take you the next step, laying out its programs, contracts, customer relationships, subcontracts—and of course its M&A history. Our goal is to support not just the identification of acquisition candidates, but also the due diligence process."
McCutchan further noted the broad and growing interest in the industry from the private equity sector.
"The activity of firms like The Carlyle Group and Veritas Capital has focused attention on private equity's vital role in the industry," said McCutchan. "But for every specialist like Carlyle and Veritas, there are dozens of other PE firms cutting lower profiles. Our PE/Portfolio service is tracking more than 60 firms which own just one portfolio company active in our industry. But many of these "singleton" portfolio companies are being actively grown through bolt-on acquisitions. More and more PE firms are seeing in our industry the characteristics they value most: steady growth, good cash flow, and predictable revenues."
McCutchan concluded: "The PE/Portfolio service may be the single most compelling feature we've added to Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A) in the 20 years we've published the service. At a time when our industry faces significant strategic challenges, the timing couldn't be better."
Best regards,
Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
August 24, 2009
Aug 24, 2009