Get Access to DoD Budget
The DoD Budget is a vast trove of industry and programmatic intelligence, especially when integrated with a first rate competitive intelligence tool (like, ahem, the DACIS service you're subscribing to already). Is it time you added it to your subscription?
Subscribing to the DACIS DoD Budget service will give you:
  • Nearly 1,900 RDT&E and Procurement budget line items, searchable by customer, company, keyword, moore—even by trends in spending.
  • Competitive intelligence you get nowhere else... like annual production quantities and unit costs on hardware items like radios. Milestones and annual updates on major defense programs.
  • Full integration between DoD Budget and the rest of DACIS, including links between the service and six DACIS modules (everything except DM&A and Opps).
  • Quick isolation and quantification of the "pipeline" of a competitor (either an entire company, a segment of that company, or an individual division).
  • Full PDFs (R-2s for RDT&E, P-40s for Procurement) downloadable for up to five fiscal years. Rapid full-text search of the contents of each PDF.
  • More than 100 New Starts, broken out by military service, appropriation, and budget area. Opportunities begin here.
  • Full historical information on budgets going back to FY04—all seamlessly integrated with the current budget request.
If you'd like to learn more about the DoD Budget service, click the "Learn More" button below. To set up an evaluation, we encourage you to contact your account representative, , by phone at , or by email to schedule a tour of the service.