Defense Mergers & Acquisitions, Reloaded
Dear DM&A Subscribers,

InfoBASE Publishers announces, with great pleasure, the first wholesale redesign of the Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A) service since 2007.

The change will be apparent from the moment you click on the DM&A link in our navigation bar. You'll land first on the new DM&A Daily, a blog-inspired replacement for the old DM&A Daily eNewsletter. Here you'll find all the day's news gathered in one place... no more scouring the eNewsletter to pick up the "new stuff". It's a format more conducive to offering insight and analysis. And it allows you to sift the news by topics, such as private equity and financing.

If you were already receiving the DM&A Daily eNewsletter, you'll receive the DM&A Daily as well--no action needed. If not, we encourage you to sign up. It's included in your subscription.

Also new is a completely retooled Search of the DM&A database, the industry's most comprehensive repository of past and ongoing M&A activity. This iterative search tool, first introduced with our Advance service late last year, allows you to set up searches which gracefully handle multiple criteria--by company, by geography, by date, by financials, by investment advisors, by comparables. We believe you'll find it to be both more powerful and more intuitive than our former search engine.

Rounding out DM&A's relaunch are redesigns of the PE/Portfolio Service, Investment Banks, Buyer Profiles, Comparable Deals, Cash Flows, and Transactions by Year. The look is new, capabilities are enhanced. And the changes are more than skin deep. We've beefed up our editorial procedures with respect to activity by private equity firms and investment banks. You'll be seeing more activity from these sources than ever before.

Our goal with DM&A continues to be to provide you with an industry-focused M&A service second to none. Twenty-three years since we published our first DM&A newsletter in 1989, the growth of this service continues unabated. We are grateful to all of you, subscribers new and old, for your support of this unique service.

Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
Editor, Defense Mergers & Acquisitions
President, InfoBASE Publishers, Inc.
October 8, 2012
Oct 8, 2012