Whether you're doing a Back Hat competitive assessment or team building, FOCUS should be your first stop.
Focus delivers your market on a
silver platter. Want market
share? Teaming relationships?
Disadvantaged subs? Read on.
DACIS Focus Modules

The newest member of the DACIS family is a product—Focus—which we expect to grow into a sizable family of its own. Our Focus modules are designed to address individual markets at a great level of detail and comprehensiveness, with search tools designed to help determine market share, find recompete opportunties, build teams, and more.

Focus launched in April 2014 with two products, Multiple-Award ID/IQ and NASA.

We've gathered more than 700 contract vehicles with program caps exceeding $2.5 trillion—and a search tool geared to find strategic points of entry. For competitive assessment, M&A, and teaming, it's the tool you'll never want to be without: Focus|Multiple-Award ID/IQ.
What do you get when you bring together every major NASA contract with a simple-but-powerful search tool? Our Focus|NASA service: designed to give you market share, recompete opportunities, and team-building capabilities second to none.

Each of the DACIS Focus Modules is extensively linked with the DACIS Professional Edition, providing the vital background information on Companies, Programs, Customers, etc. needed to make strategic- and BD-level decisions.