A good News service will keep you updated on developments affecting the industry.

DACIS Newswire keeps you up to date on the latest major developments and changes within the defense and aerospace industries.

Far more than just news and updates, the DACIS Newswire contains proprietary articles regarding the U.S. and international defense, aerospace, and government contracting industries. The news you need, the way you need to understand it, and fully integrated with everything DACIS — that's the DACIS Newswire.

This is multiple-source competitive intelligence. The information is public but the processes and presentation are proprietary. The coverage is deep, and updated continuously, so you'll never miss a step in keeping up.

Coverage ::
Newest developments from public and proprietary articles, DACIS Contracts, beta.SAM.gov Contract Opportunities (fka FedBizOpps), DM&A, and GAO Protests
Geography ::
U.S. and International; fully customizable searches by geographic region, country, or state
Markets ::
Aerospace — Defense — Government
It Complements ::
First, It's Searchable
More than just by keyword, searches are conducted with seven pull-down menus that let you screen for geography, market area, customer type, and other variables that deliver the news you want. DACIS Newswire lets you customize your searches as broad or as narrow as you need.
There's A Reference Library Behind Every Story
With other news services you'd be on your own, but DACIS Newswire gives you linkages directly to other DACIS modules. With a single click you can find related content in Companies, Contracts, Programs, DM&A, and more. This holistic approach brings you the story behind the news.
"News" Has a Way of Becoming History
Many company announcements and other news tends to disappear from the World Wide Web, never to be seen again, or only retrievable with great difficulty. We database all the content in DACIS Newswire — if you need the older content, you can always scroll down. Our content goes back to 2001, and it's never archived.
It's More Than Just Press Releases
Press releases are a great starting point for understanding what a company's up to. We complete the picture with information and analysis from the DACIS Contracts, Opps, and DM&A modules. DACIS Newswire also includes protest information from the GAO website, regulatory filings relating to — activity, and much more.
Searches are Configurable and Deliverable
Searching news is fine, but repetitive searches for the same news items day after day are not. DACIS Newswire allows you to configure and save searches based on your specific criteria. Our Profiles service can send you updates based on those searches, every day.
"We rely on DACIS as an integral part of our work. The information is accurate and timely. DACIS provides the information on Budgets, Companies, News etc we need. DACIS is essential!""
Michael McNulty, McNulty & Associates, Inc.
"DACIS occupies 4-to-6 of my browser tabs at any one time."
Senior Manager, General Dynamics Corporation
Jan 30, 2018