Abraham Lincoln said:
"You can't please
all of the people
all of the time."
But when you've got a team of crack
analysts and programmers, and an
unparalleled relational database
architecture, you can get pretty close.


We took the name "InfoBASE" because it accurately described our idea: developing information and placing it into a robust database structure through which it could be easily searched. "Publishers" is more than a suffix: it represents our conviction that information must be provided in an intuitive, customer-friendly format.

InfoBASE Publishers opened for business in 1996 as the Internet was beginning to gain traction. In those early days, we saw that the way companies collected, consumed, and used information was beginning to change. A new approach in the market was needed, one in which pieces of information could be accessed in relation to many others.


We chose to develop strategic tools that integrate into the way you do business and not the other way around. Market intelligence tools that embed themselves into a company’s processes and team thinking, providing our customers with an advantage over competitors who choose to dig for information from a variety of sources.

Our solutions are designed to provide you not with information, but with intelligence. To meet that high standard, we employ robust internal processes, sophisticated technologies, and work closely with our customers to deliver the market intelligence, information management, and decision support tools they need to outperform their competition.


For our hundreds of customers, including influential defense and aerospace contractors worldwide, consultants, the investment community, and government agencies, that mission is being fulfilled every day. Technology has continued to change, but our standards and our commitment to help our friends make sense of this massive marketplace remains stronger than ever.

Large contractor or small business, we can help you. Learn more about the difference which cutting-edge competitive intelligence, first-rate customer service, and state-of-the-art delivery can make in meeting your organization’s requirements.

"When using subscription databases for Price to Win (PTW), I spend 80% of my time in DACIS because it provides the most complete and comprehensive competitive intelligence of any service on the market. DACIS enables us to quickly get a snapshot of a market, competitor, or program without having to spend significant time searching multiple sources. Thank you!"
Ricardo Lopez, Director, Competition Solutions, Lone Star
"DACIS is really a great tool for what I do, and I actually enjoy using it."
, BD Director, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems