The DACIS DoD Budget service connects $200B+ of addressable Pentagon spending with thousands of programs, contracts, companies and customers.

Introduced in 2004, DACIS' DoD Budget module provides detailed, line item-by-line item coverage of all spending by the Pentagon on Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) and on Procurement.

However, this powerful module does much more than provide detailed information. It provides a unique perspective and line-item detail on activity and plans in this massive marketplace.

The DoD Budget module contains unique and powerful search capabilities, allowing the voluminous Pentagon's voluminous budget request to be sifted not just by keyword, but also by funding, and by customer. The funding search capability supports trend analysis and by using three search tools of funding, customer, and company, you could:

  • Easily mine for technologies of interest ("electric drive", "MEMS", "nanotechnology", etc.)
  • Quickly isolate and quantify the "pipeline" of a competitor (either an entire company, a segment of that company, or an individual division)
  • Effectively determine where customer spending is growing

DACIS DoD is linked to the other DACIS Modules, making it easy to move directly from a program element (PE) summary or a Procurement line item to holdings on the companies and customers involved. For example, leveraging the Companies module, when linking directly to the business unit performing the work, it becomes possible to see other program elements in which the company is involved. Leveraging the Programs module, other program elements in which a customer is involved are readily identified, including awarded contracts, subcontractors, and teaming partners.


DACIS DoD Budget complements the DACIS Professional Edition, the DACIS DM&A Service, and the Advance|C4ISR module.

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Scott M. Weiner, Senior Vice President, Unmanned Systems; Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development, Cobham Mission Equipment
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Jan 30, 2018