InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Physical Address
18200 Turnberry Drive
Round Hill, VA 20141
Mailing Address
25050 Riding Plaza
Suite 130
Chantilly, VA 20152
Customer Care
Bill Burton
(410) 253-9031
InfoBase offers technical support and training at no additional cost. Bill Burton knows the industry just about as well as he knows DACIS... try him! And visit his Customer Care page too.
Stephen Siegmund
(571) 259-1275
Steve's your man for all things editorial—tips, suggestions, constructive criticism, and especially glowing testimonials (he likes them, and being a publisher, he'll publish them).
Billing & Account Management
Megan Lucente
(540) 424-7040
If the check's in the mail... the guy who subscribed to DACIS has left the company... you've lost access to our website... the dog ate your invoice... Megan can help.
Contact one of our four account representatives (shown below) for more product information, including how to become a subscriber. If you're already a subscriber and you want to discuss your account, please contact your account representative.
U.S. Sales
Al Donaggio
(540) 760-7548
Al has over 30 years of selling professional and technical solutions to the corporate and government sectors. Today he's selling DACIS, an ideal solution for agencies analyzing the industrial base and for Companies including SD/VOBs.
David Morton
(215) 896-8104
David's successes in engineering, consultive-selling and BD will provide DACIS users with the "use case" knowledge required to leverage our business intelligence tool as a true force multiplier and to maximize ROI.
Jeff Silverman
(202) 368-0671
Before he came to us Jeff was Director of Sales at Centurion Research Corp., a publisher of federal business opportunities. Jeff is widely known in all industry domains and looks forward to discussing your company's growth and needs.
International Sales
Mick McManus
+44 (0)1483-567205
Mick headed up CI activity with Europe's biggest defence exporter and knows the international scene in depth, having previously been involved in many major international aerospace and defence collaborative activities/programs.