Enhanced WRAP Rate Analysis
Enhanced WRAP Rates from the McNulty Group at Citrin Cooperman are a unique product designed specifically for use in competitive pricing analysis and competitor indirect cost benchmarking. WRAP rates include a fully detailed analysis for the competitive bidding entity, Operating Unit, Fiscal Year, Type of WRAP pool (i.e., Development or Services) and Location.

Plant and Field WRAPs are analyzed to expose G&A, Overhead and Fringe percentages, with the analysis further broken down into component parts (e.g., Holiday, Vacation, Sick Leave, Insurance, Occupancy, Health Insurance, etc.).

What makes our Enhanced WRAP Rates especially valuable is that each one includes additional Competitive Cases forecasting the WRAP that would be applied in different competitive bidding situations from Business as Usual to Strategic or LPTA.
All calculations are derived from publicly available data sources. No proprietary information is ever used in any analysis.
Our Relationship with InfoBase Publishers
Michael McNulty
Citrin Cooperman,
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For years, we noticed that when our customers would ask us to perform an Enhanced WRAP Rate Analysis of a competitor, they would often identify the competitor with the "DACIS Code" from InfoBase's DACIS Companies module. And when you think about it, it's not surprising—both our companies support high-end PTW/Black Hat analysis. So the integration of DACIS with the McNulty Enhanced WRAP Rate Analyses was a natural extension of both companies' offerings.
Making this relationship work has meant letting each company preserve its customer relationships. If you're a McNulty client—or are interested in becoming one—and you see an Enhanced WRAP Rate Analysis you wish to buy while using the DACIS site, you can simply click the link and contact us, or your DACIS account representative.
And if you're a DACIS subscriber—or are thinking of becoming one—having a library of the industry's most respected and cost-effective Enhanced WRAP Rate Analyses at your fingertips makes the industry's most respected competitive intelligence service that much more powerful.
- Michael McNulty
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