Focus|NASA: Your launch pad for doing business at America's premiere space agency.
Market share, SDB selection, solicit-
ations, and subs. You'll like
where our curated collection of NASA's
400+ largest contracts takes you.

Like business development professionals everywhere, those charged with landing work at NASA face the challenge of finding and qualifying leads, and then winning the work. Black hat competitive assessments. Building a team with the right stuff: customer credibility, technical ability. All while meeting SDB targets.

But now BD professionals in the NASA market have access to a capability their peers can only envy: Focus|NASA.


Focus|NASA is designed from the ground up to apprise you of daily developments at NASA, tell you about your market, identify the best teaming candidates, find leads, and provide insights into the NASA budget. It consists of four services:

NASA Horizon. A daily blog of activity at NASA's centers, with an emphasis on solicitation and contract developments. Extensively linked to contracts and opportunities, and fully searchable. An indispensable daily stop to learn first about developments on the procurements and contracts important to you.

Active Contracts. To understand a market, you need to know who's active in it—right now. That's the simple premise behind the Focus|NASA service's Active Contracts module. This is a curated collection of active NASA contracts valued at $10 million and up. A simple but powerful search engine allows you to refine this dataset to your precise needs. You can limit your view by NAICS Code… by Product/Service Code… by contract end date… by SDB status… or some combination of all of the above. Our customers tell us that the data that emerges from these searches gives them insights and ideas they never would have had otherwise.

Once you've refined the market, you can analyze the results for market share… opportunities… or teammate selection on an upcoming procurement. It's a capability that will save you days or weeks of legwork. Allowing you to focus resources in areas where you can achieve an edge over the competition.

Opportunities. A curated collection of more than 110 developing opportunities in the NASA market, valued at $5 million and up. Connected with predecessor contracts, procurement documents, and InfoBase's FedBizOpps service.


Because market participants are using this service to make vital business decisions, we want to make sure that your company's role in the market is faithfully represented. Subscribers can ask us to reflect:

  • Subcontracts on current contracts. Just provide us the contract number, your CAGE Code, and, if you wish, any additional information you wish to be shown (options are (a) Description of the work being performed; (b) Subcontract value; and (c) Begin date and end date.)
  • Customer recognition. Has your work been recognized by either NASA or a NASA prime? Provide us a dated press release, and we'll be sure it's reflected in our system.

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