Our Advance service allows capture professionals to find the right opportunity.
Then comes the customer research... the
competitor research... building your team.
Nice to have the industry's leading source
of competitive intelligence, built in.

The C4ISR government market is one of the most active and one of the most important areas of activity today, but finding the right opportunities is no easy task and can lead to expensive miscalculations. Business development teams need to look ahead as well as leverage historical knowledge to effectively navigate this market’s treacherous straits. This is why we built Advance|C4ISR™.

Advance|C4ISR provides organizations with the effective capabilities to identify and pursue new business relevant to their specific capabilities in the C4ISR marketplace. Expert market analyses combined with deep search capabilities put teams in control of finding the right C4ISR business and help avoid costly mistakes. 

This powerful new tool and analysis service will help you get in front of pre-RFP and contract renewal opportunities through a powerful feature set built specifically for organizations like yours. Some of Advance|C4ISR capabilities include:

  • Lead identification, tracking, and notification
  • Deep, flexible search engine
  • Task order detail and place of contract execution
  • Opportunity report generation and export capability to Excel
  • Focused, expert coverage on C4ISR market
  • Visibility into customer value proposition and acquisition strategy

Advance|C4ISR can be used as a standalone tool or it can leverage it’s seamless integration with DACIS which results in unparalleled coverage of the C4ISR market and unique information research capabilities that support and empower your capture management practices. Not only can you get a head start on opportunities, but Advance|C4ISR can help you find the right opportunity partners to bring that business home.

DACIS Advance|C4ISR complements the DACIS Professional Edition, the DACIS DoD Budget module, and the DACIS DM&A Service.

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"I'm finding a lot of great info on our opportunities, etc. I've been a long-time fan of GovWin, but I'm liking DACIS better."
Ron Godlewski, Director, Business Development, Selex Galileo, Inc.
"Through the years we’ve been able to help double the PWIN of our clients—and much of the credit goes to your service. DACIS supports us right from the first gate decision, saving my customers from pursuing work they shouldn’t bid (funding not there, incumbent too entrenched, key subcontractors unavailable) while validating the strongest opportunities. Once we have the green light, DACIS supports all aspects of capture, including pricing, team selection (I especially like the subcontractor information), and nailing down key past performance and credibility. No other service has deeper information or as intuitive an interface. DACIS is in a class of its own!"
Peter G. Balbus, Managing Director, Pragmaxis LLC
"DACIS is a great service. It makes my job sooo much easier to have such great information at my fingertips!"
Adam P. Smith, Competitive Strategy and PTW, Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services