Knowing markets of opportunity means knowing where they are going.


Get reliable and credible market forecast data for an array of military assets, from aircraft to manpack systems. In partnership with Tamarack Defense, DACIS Global Forecasts delivers global military equipment demand forecasting from over 70 nations including line-item detail in U.S. markets that includes new production and NRE.

Our expansive non-U.S. database contains meticulously researched production data, NRE, and views into exclusive market opportunities. Developed with advanced data science toolsets and validated by Tamarack Defense's industry experts, this becomes more than information, it is true procurement intelligence. Elevate your strategic positioning with targeted, specialized insights, all at a price crafted for value and impact.

Key Features of DACIS Global Forecasts:

Comprehensive Global Coverage: DACIS Global Forecasts currently covers thousands of programs across 70 countries that have a collective market value of more than $2T in military equipment. Programs covered include aircraft, weapons, ships, space, land vehicles, fixed-site systems, man-portable weapons, manpack systems, platforms, and subsystems, across the globe.

Probability Weighting Analytics: A blending of factored and unfactored program values using proprietary algorithms and analysis that finitely assesses the likelihood of military procurements at program and subprogram levels. This enables defense professionals to confidently anticipate trends, risks, and opportunities in the military equipment market.

Line-item detailed U.S. forecasts: Credible forecasts forged from correlated and analyzed details in New Production values and delivery units, by budget-year AND delivery year, and NRE (RDT&E) and modifications tied to platforms. The resulting advantage helps fuel informed decisions in a rapidly changing global defense landscape.

DACIS Global Forecasts brings the landscape of global military equipment forecasting into view leveraging the combined expertise and resources of InfoBase Publishers, Inc., and Tamarack Defense. This latest module of the DACIS competitive intelligence suite is built for all organizations that demand accurate, detailed, and invaluable insights into the future of military equipment procurement worldwide.