Source selection, down-selects, protests, exports, extensions, recompetes, upgrades, variants… Yes, a lot goes on within a Program over its lifetime.

DACIS Programs gives you insight into the industry's most complex, most significant programs. This is information on a different order from what you'll find in our Contracts module. In our view a contract is an event, but a program is an ecosystem. It can spin off new requirements, and involve multiple suppliers, working under multiple contracts. There are variants to track.  Programs can span decades.

Our DACIS Programs module tracks programs from initial requirements through sustainment. It brings together information on the primes, subcontractors, customers, supplier relationships, competitors, subcontractors, documents, related initiatives, training, and services.

Coverage ::
More than 17,000 programs awarded and operated by MoDs, Gov't Agencies, Prime Contractors
Data Points ::
Recent Activities, Variants, Applicable Systems, Specifications, Milestones
Geography ::
US and International
Markets ::
Aerospace — Defense — Government Tech — Homeland Security
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A Bird's Eye View
DACIS Programs, a foundational piece working together with every facet of the DACIS Professional Edition, provides a wide-ranging, all-encompassing view of a particular product, system, subsystem, sustainment effort, supply chain, and the companies involved at every stage along the long, winding road that is programs. We integrate DACIS Contracts (detailing invaluable predecessor and successor relationships) and DACIS Companies (SAM and DACIS analyst intel for both prime and subcontractors) seamlessly providing the who, what, when, and where at each stop in program life cycle.
Scaleable Solutions
Regardless of your market or the size of your question—we understand that tracking awardees, subcontractors, and teaming partners is paramount. For over 21 years, DACIS Programs has been a useful tool in analyzing something as minutia as a ball bearing replacement all the way up to market size, funding, and major competitors for the F-16 Fighting Falcon. DACIS Programs allows you to see and prepare for every side of the die, regardless of the roll.
Who Does the Government Like?
Fully integrated with DACIS Contracts, FBO Pro™, FPDS Pro™, Advance|C4ISR, and NASA Focus, our Programs module is a foundational piece to track the bidders all the way through the bidding, winning—and losing—and production phases as they moves through the Government's supply chain. With DACIS Programs, the daunting question "Who Does the Government Like?" becomes much less intimidating.
Its Not A Game
There is very little fun to be had when tussling with a competitor, competing for a deal, and fighting for the dollars that come with it. With our DACIS Programs module, competitors in these major defense and aerospace ecosystems become readily identifiable. Used alongside our DACIS DoD Budget module, Programs assists to make difficult financial-based decisions on growing, steady, or declining markets easier. Larger than the line item-by-line item coverage of Pentagon Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) and Procurement spending, is the insight into the vast customer spending trends in this massive marketplace.
"DACIS occupies 4-to-6 of my browser tabs at any one time."
Senior Manager, General Dynamics Corporation
"I found last week's webinar extremely informative, and I'm using DACIS non-stop in my new PTW role. I'll definitely be attending the webinar today to try and learn more about the system as it is critical to my success in this role!"
Rafael Sepulveda, Price-to-Win Analyst, ManTech International Corporation
Jan 30, 2018