It's all built in to your subscription at no cost.

Providing the industry’s finest competitive intelligence service is just the start.  We complete our corporate mission when we’ve made sure our subscribers are equipped with the training and support they need to get the most from DACIS.

To that end, we offer world-class application training and tech support, provided by experienced professionals, at no additional cost to you or your employer. Like everything else in DACIS, it’s built in.

Meet our Customer-Care Specialist

Bill Burton is Senior Director of Client Relations. He brings to the position more than 15 years of experience as a business developer in defense contracting, and another seven in market analysis and sales/marketing here at InfoBASE Publishers.

Mr. Burton uses his industry experience and DACIS knowledge to help you creatively solve your CI challenges. He answers your ad-hoc questions, hosts formal training sessions, and uses your product feedback to guide us on future improvements. You can reach him at or (410) 253-9031.

InfoBASE Publishers offers its customers complimentary training for all DACIS products. This offering is highlighted by our monthly 'Live Webinars' series.

Each month, Bill Burton hosts six Web-based training sessions, which are open to any employee of any subscribing organization. Each interactive webinar covers a different DACIS product. Click here for more info, including this month's webinar schedule.

Company-Private Training

We complement our monthly webinar series with company-private training sessions. Usually conducted over the Internet, these classes can be tailored to fit your organization's specific needs (content covered, session duration, etc.) at no additional cost. Arrange a lesson at or (410) 253-9031.

On-site training also is available. We will come to your facility, but, for sites outside the Washington DC or London, England metro areas, we reserve the right to request reimbursement for pre-approved travel expenses.

Support via Email/Phone/Text

We provide premier application support for all DACIS subscribers 8am-5pm ET, Monday-Friday. Weekend, holiday and off-hour support is also available, with response usually within 24 hours.

Get quick answers to your DACIS questions at or (410) 253-9031. Oh, and did we mention this world-class technical support is included in the cost of your subscription? No additional service fees. Ever.

"Bill Burton gets 4 stars for his customer support. He provides good training webinars, and when I can't figure out how to find something, he gets me out of the quicksand."
Marcia Rodney, Operations Analyst, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
"DACIS databases are comprehensive, so tech support is important if you want to work smarter. Fortunately, InfoBase's Customer Support is the best! There are numerous 'live webinars' to choose from, plus extensive one-hour trainings, recorded sessions. And on every page of the DACIS website there's a link to click for ad-hoc Q&A."
Elizabeth Lamoreaux, Business Intelligence Analyst – ISR & Space Systems, Airborne, Collins Aerospace
"Unable to join many of your earlier DACIS webinars—joined today—was GOLD! Please keep me on the invite list for future events—was REALLY helpful."
Director, Air Force Business Development, National Security & Intelligence Sector
"Bill, I've been using DACIS as a key information source for over five years, and I found your presentation VERY informative and it gave me a bunch of "Ah-HA's!" to apply in the future. Sort of like the average person who has been using MS Excel for years and doesn't understand its full capability. Plus, your presentation skills are great! I held on to the last minute (and even as time ran over)."
Kurt M McMillen, CMX Capture Integrator, Raytheon Missile Systems