If you're analyzing U.S. Govern-ment contracts without using the Federal Procurement Data System, you're flying blind.
If you're not using FPDS
Pro™, you're flying coach.
In a middle seat. Wedged
between two football players.

The Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) is the Mount Everest of U.S. Government databases. It exceeds 50 million records in size, each with hundreds of fields. Whether you're analyzing a competitor, a customer, or an entire market, it's the one essential, indispensable resource.

Anyone can download the FPDS database, and many have. A programmer with basic skills could slap a search interface on it in a day or two. But there's nothing basic about FPDS Pro™. We've invested man-years of effort in creating an FPDS product with unprecedented ease of use and unequaled power.

  • You've done "search"… Welcome to "discovery". Until now, even a "Jedi master" skilled in the most fruitful FPDS search strategies had to proceed by trial and error—and if he or she wanted actual insights into the data, it had to be exported to a spreadsheet and manipulated with a pivot table. Explaining why most companies—even the largest—have only a small cadre of FPDS specialists.

We decided to pursue an interface which helped rather than hindered. You'll see the difference when you enter your first search term. That's when our Guided Search kicks in. Every time you go to a new search field, you'll be met with rank-ordered lists of available options. As you make your selections, each will instantly winnow the results in your next search criteria, and your next. Yes, it's search, but you're going to think of it as discovery.

And—it's fast. In our hands, 50 million-plus records are as responsive as an Italian sports car.

  • You can save your searches.Whether you're monitoring a company, a customer, a market, or a program, you'll appreciate Saved Searches. Your complex searches can be stored and brought up again at your convenience. They'll always open with up-to-date results. And yes, Saved Searches can be modified at any time.
  • Export your results, your way. Once you've honed your search to perfection, you can export the results to your favorite spreadsheet program. We provide options for limited exports of the most important fields, or full exports of more than 200 fields.
  • You want reports? You've got a choice. Not just one report format, but more than a dozen. And you can export customized information from all of them.This feature gives you the power of a pivot table, without the hassle of exporting to a spreadsheet program. You're going to like it.
  • DACIS Integration. Our competition can't provide it. We don't provide anything without it.

Introduced in 2016—our 20th anniversary year—the FPDS Pro™ module is InfoBase's richest, most fully-realized product to date. It will revolutionize the way you look at companies, customers, markets, and programs.


FPDS Pro™ complements, and is integrated with, these modules of the DACIS Professional Edition: Companies (SAM), Contracts, FBO Pro™, Programs, and Customers.

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"Thanks for delivering such a quality product. There is consistently good information, presented in context, within the various DACIS modules, especially FPDS Pro, and I find it very valuable to my research. And, nice work on the DACIS Pro Tips."
David D. Vande Velde, Business Development Analyst, Aerospace & Defense Contractor