Tamarack Defense, our content partner for the DACIS Global Forecasts (DGF) service, is an emerging force in military equipment forecasting leveraging proprietary data toolsets, analysis disciplines, and new technologies to improve outcomes across the global defense industry. Leveraging proprietary data toolsets to improve outcomes across the global defense industry, we support all stakeholders in the market, from startups and investors through to multinational conglomerates. Tamarack's in-house defense market database is "Built Different" through the use of modern data science, combined with the traditional analytical rigor that's getting harder to find. 

Collecting and collating thousands of data points, Tamarack Defense creates intuitive, value-added proprietary insights regarding global military equipment production, modification, and non-recurring investment. If you're searching for data, analysis, or support solving tough problems, look first to Tamarack Defense.

Founded by Logan Slone and Theo Egan, Tamarack Defense is built upon decades of experience in the aerospace and defense industry that is the key to providing the highest quality in defense market forecasts.

"Theo and I have been DACIS users throughout our careers. We couldn't have picked a better organization to partner with. DACIS has a stellar reputation in the industry, complementary products to ours, similar user base, and it'll help us get the data we've been working on to all the right users." — Co-founder, Logan Slone

"InfoBase Publishers was really the only provider that we were interested in working with because they were the only provider that had a truly compatible product set. DACIS covers global defense markets with so much rich information outside of forecast data, it was just a perfect fit." — Co-founder, Theo Egan

Platforms and Subsystems Covered
• Aircraft
• Weapons
• Ships
• Land vehicles
• Fixed site systems
• Communications, EW
• Man-portable systems
• And much more…
To learn more about Tamarack Defense, visit their website here.