DACIS Debuts Company Rankings for Thousands of Customers, Opportunities
Dear DACIS Subscribers,
As we all struggle to adapt to the locked-down realities of life in a plague zone, normalcy has been hard to come by. Good news, harder still. So we here at InfoBase decided to dip into our ongoing development projects and see if there might be some new capabilities which could be quickly readied for prime time. Something which would allow our subscribers to get their jobs done a little better, a little more quickly. Suddenly we all have more needful things to be doing with our time.
Today, we're pleased to introduce Rankings—a name you're going to be hearing a lot from us going forward. These are "Top 25" lists of the companies serving literally thousands of U.S. government civil and defense agencies and offices.
You'll find Rankings in three places:
  • First, in our redesigned Customers module. Here's an example: NASA Johnson Space Center [NOTE: You need to be a DACIS subscriber or evaluator to use these links.] Clicking on RANKINGS will give you a view of NASA Johnson's Top 25 suppliers. These are Parent-level breakouts which leverage the original work we've done in assigning "Parent CAGEs" for more than 3,000 U.S. government contractors. (You can learn more about our approach to parent information by reading our "Meet the Parents!" update from a couple years ago).
    These Rankings also leverage the work we've done integrating a spanking-new database into DACIS. Which brings us to the second place you'll find RANKINGS….
  • …Our new Federal Organizations module. We've been busy, busy, busy with the integration of a massive database of U.S. government contracting and funding offices into DACIS. We're calling this new module Federal Organizations (or FedOrg for short) and we couldn't be more bullish about the place it will occupy in the DACIS architecture. Right now there's lots to be done before it reaches its full potential. For instance you can't yet search FedOrg, not even in Sitewide Search. But we think you'll be interested in some early returns on our work—you can check out some sample records here, and here, and here too. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with these records and how they link to Opps, to Customers—and, of course, their Rankings.
  • Lastly, you'll find Rankings in DACIS Opps. We think you'll find this enhancement particularly welcome, coming as it does at a time when so many of you have been missing the late, lamented FedBizOpps website. Here we give you something that even FBO never did: Rankings of the top companies providing a product or service to that customer…. built right into the Opps. A few examples: You'll find Rankings for virtually all of the thousands of records being added to Opps every day. Check it out! And if those beta.SAM.gov blues still persist, consider this: DACIS Opps has all the functionality of the former FedBizOpps, plus power features like Smart Alerts, DoD Budget Linkages, Multi-Sol, Industry Days, and GAO Protest integration. We think you'll find Rankings to be a worthy addition to that growing list.
Summing up, you won't find anything quite like Rankings anywhere else, at least not if you're looking for rankings based on parent information. And over the next few months this feature will be coming in for some major enhancements. Until that process is complete, we're calling this capability a "beta". Let us know what you think.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
March 24, 2020
Mar 24, 2020