Get Access to DACIS Opps
You rely on the government's website for business opportunities. But if you could also get amazing search and profile tools and full DACIS integration—wouldn't you? Isn't it time you stopped trusting your BD pipeline to a free website? Subscribe now.
Seemless integration and powerful features abound in the DACIS Opps service:
  • Full Integration between InfoBase Opps and the DACIS service, including links showing all open solicitations for each of hundreds of U.S. government customers.
  • Amazing NAICS lookup and prospecting tools.
  • A powerful and intuitive Alert Builder, which allows you to set up an unlimited number of alerts, and email them to an unlimited number of recipients. Your results will be far more targeted than what you can get from the government's website. Email In-Basket Warriors, rejoice!
  • Training and assistance in setting up your Alerts. We take the time to listen to your requirements and set up an Alert which fully meets your needs. Because you only get a shot at an opportunity if you know about it.
  • Low cost, beginning at $1,000 for a standard subscription (1-3 seats).
  • The entire Opps service, over two million records, going back to 2000. There's gold in those old announcements, especially if you're pursuing a recompete.
If you'd like to learn more about the DACIS Opps service, click the "Learn More" button below. To set up an evaluation, we encourage you to contact your account representative, , by phone at , or by email to schedule a tour of the service.