RANKINGS Loses the Beta Badge, Delivers "Tears of Joy"
Dear Loyal Subscriber,
Two months ago, we introduced you to a new Company RANKINGS beta found in three DACIS databases. Today, we're boosting its power and removing the 'beta' badge—making RANKINGS a mature feature for competitive-assessment and price/positioning-to-win (PTW).
Let's say you're doing early-stage analysis of the competitive landscape for an upcoming bid. Or maybe you're prepping for a Black Hat review and must assess the specific past-performance quals of legit competitors. Either way, RANKINGS gives you actionable intel on all those companies you love to hate, as well as helping identify possible wild-card bidders coming from left field.
When we recently previewed this capability for a senior BD professional, she told us "My staff is going to weep tears of joy over this."
Why the emotional response? Well, if RANKINGS were simply dynamic listings of the top competitors in any market segment (as the beta version has been doing since March), it would already be a good head start for many CA/PTW challenges. But as of today, RANKINGS provides links to the specific contracts (and task orders!) each company is working on. And their subcontractors. Finally, there's a new, butter-smooth integration with our Datasets capability which lets you more easily store, organize and share your findings.
So, it's time to unveil the prime-time version of RANKINGS. You can begin to test the waters by perusing our RANKINGS on one of the U.S. Air Force's biggest customers (click the red "RANKINGS", right smack in the middle of the page)… or check out our look at the competitive field at NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC)… or, if Opportunities are your thing, you might want to peruse the head start we're providing on the Navy's Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) Combat System (CS) Ship Integration and Test (SI&T) procurement.
And on and on and on… you'll find RANKINGS for literally hundreds of thousands of Customers and Opportunities… including all the ones you care about most.
And if you'd like to get a complete take on what RANKINGS is… what you can do with it… and where we'll be taking it next (it's still early innings), then you won't want to miss our webcast next Wednesday (6/24) at 1:45pm ET.  No mask required. (But you might want to bring a handkerchief.)
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Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
June 16, 2020
Jun 16, 2020