The InfoBase FedBizOpps Beta: Competitive Intelligence Meets Business Development
Dear DACIS Subscriber,
FedBizOpps. The single, indispensible, must have source of business leads for the U.S. federal government.
Sure, it's not always so easy to use. And some of you prefer not to use it at all—getting your business leads from a company that repackages FBO information and/or supplements it with their own research.
But what if FedBizOpps were easy to use? What if you could easily set up modular profiles that allowed you to receive just the information you wanted? Segmented by geographic region? By customer?
Speaking of customers, what if the service gave you a tool that allowed you to find and select a customer with a few keystrokes?
What if the service had cutting-edge integration with NAICS codes... blazing speed... full DACIS integration... and many other thoughtful and intuitive touches that made it easy and (dare we say it) fun to use?
And, finally, what if there were no limits on how many Profiles you could set up or how many email recipients you could establish?
By now you've probably guessed you're in the realm of the rhetorical question.
From now through June 30 we warmly invite you to use the InfoBase FedBizOpps module. Start with our video center, where I introduce the service's marquee features. Check out our "About Us" page. Then do your own searches, set up your own Profiles—and let us know how the service is working out for you. What you like, what you'd improve. That's what betas are for.
When the Beta phase is over, if you choose to subscribe, the Profiles you've set up will transfer seamlessly into your regular subscription.
I hope to hear from you during the next month.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
May 27, 2008
May 27, 2008