Introducing the Focus | NASA Market Intelligence Tool
Space Symposium, Colorado Springs, Colo. — May 19, 2014 — InfoBase Publishers announces the availability of its Focus|NASA product, a unique and powerful tool exclusively supporting competitive intelligence and business development professionals in the NASA market.
We invite you to participate in an 30-minute webinar demonstrating Focus|NASA at 2pm ET on June 11. Click here to add the webinar to your calendar.
Webinar attendees will participate in a demonstration of a searchable, well-curated repository of more than 400 active NASA contracts and task orders (including cooperative agreements and Space Act agreements), valued at $157 billion. With links to solicitation documents, to predecessor contracts, and to information about follow-on requirements. And thousands of subcontractors.
In short, this product is a NASA business developer's dream (and a NASA procurement official's dream as well). It supports:
  • Market Share Assessment. Users can conduct on-the-fly analysis of just about any slice of data they can dream up: by company, by type of service performed, by NASA center. By contracts ending in a particular timeframe. By contracts classified by particular NAICS codes (or a group of them). Contracts won by companies with minority classifications. You define your market, we'll provide the numbers.
  • Team Formation. Need to find veteran-owned firms supporting Goddard in professional services? We can tell you that there are currently none at the prime contract level, but can find you nine at the subcontract level—including one which is currently supporting three different prime contracts, and another to which its prime keeps going back (with the value of each subcontract).
  • Competitors Assessment. Up against a certain company on a procurement? You'll learn they have six prime contracts (at Ames, Glenn, Goddard and Langley) valued at $2 billion. And that they're subcontractors on 11 contracts more, deepening their credibility at Ames, Glenn and Goddard (but not Langley) and adding credibility at Johnson and Kennedy.
  • Prospecting. You can search for all procurements ending in a particular range of years or value, and then refine the set by NASA center and NAICS and/or Product/Service Code. Eliminate the procurements that were sole-sourced last time around. And eliminate (or focus on) the procurements set aside for small business.
The Focus|NASA product is integrated with the industry's top competitive intelligence service, InfoBase Publishers' Defense/Aerospace Competitive Intelligence Service (DACIS). Visit www.dacis.com for more information.

Media Contact: Bill Burton; tel: (410) 253-9031; email: bill.burton@dacis.com
May 19, 2014