Introducing Our Advance|C4ISR Opportunities Service
Dear InfoBase Subscribers,

Today we announce, with great pleasure, the most significant product rollout in the 15 years since InfoBase's founding.

The introduction of the Advance|C4ISR service marks a true inflection point for the company. Heretofore we have been a publisher of competitive intelligence modules (both our own and purpose-adapted versions of U.S. government resources). Today we are also the publisher of a forward-looking opportunities and capture management tool, focused on the requirements of business developers active in the C4ISR marketplace. It is a tool which rests squarely on the foundation we have been laying since the 1990s.

The Advance|C4ISR service has been 18 months in preparation. It has been exhaustively shaken out by 30 beta testers, hailing from 14 major defense companies. We are grateful for their participation, which has both guided and validated our approach to producing a next-generation business development product.

This service has been shaped from the beginning by three clear guiding principles:
  • It would be headed by senior business development professionals with long experience in marketing to the Department of Defense.
  • It would feature deep, exhaustive coverage of select defense and government technology market verticals (beginning with C4ISR)
  • It would be fully integrated with InfoBase's DACIS service—the industry's most respected publisher of competitive intelligence
Don Crook, editor of the Advance|C4ISR service, brings to the position more than 30 years of experience as a business development professional in the defense industry, most recently in senior roles at Lockheed Martin Corporation.

"From the outset my goal has been to create an opportunities service which would have helped me do my job better during my years in industry," stated Mr. Crook. "This service has been populated with more than 650 qualified early- and later-stage business opportunities, many of them pulled straight from the pages of the DoD Budget. Being able to build on the foundation of the DACIS service, which I used extensively during my time in industry, further solidifies the value proposition of this innovative new product."

"Don and his team have done an outstanding job in readying this service for market," said InfoBase Publishers president Stuart McCutchan, "We expect Advance|C4ISR will help our customers to respond proactively to intensifying budget pressures. And at a time of turmoil among publishers of government opportunities, InfoBase stands in a 15-year tradition of strong organic growth and carefully nurtured customer relationships. We are delighted to bring our well-respected business model to this exciting new marketplace."

The Advance|C4ISR service is available for purchase today, with annual subscription prices for DACIS subscribers beginning at $4,995. Contact your InfoBase account representative to set up an evaluation of the service.

Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
October 17, 2011
Oct 17, 2011