Introducing Our Newswire Service
Dear DACIS Subscribers,
Two separate kingdoms have long peacefully coexisted in the realm of defense/aerospace competitive intelligence... and that's not good. So we're doing our best to shake up the status quo.
Down in the valley are the print news services and their online competition—you've seen them—who serve up a daily stream of information and analysis on the industry. The news flashes along the transom but then... hey, where's that article on MEADS I was reading two weeks ago?
Meanwhile, up on the heights, the reference sources make their living well back from the nattering edge of the daily news. Such services serenely gather up data, dollop it into analytical buckets, and parse it out annually in the form of graph-laden reports. The perspective is grand but the trail down to the activity in the valley is long.
Which brings us to... well, us.
This service, built on a foundation of relational database technology and leveraging the immediacy of the Internet, has always defined itself as an outstanding online reference source. We've developed our five information databases—Companies, Contracts, Programs, Customers, and of course Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A)—over the span of a decade. Since 1999 they've been on the Internet. Subscribers to these databases are well familiar with their power and versatility.
But now we have grafted onto this familiar service a powerful and customizable front end—our new Newswire service. Playing to our existing strengths, it does two things nobody has done before in this industry.
First, it allows our subscribers to home in on the news and recent developments they want. Using seven pull-down menus and a keyword search field, information can be sifted by geography, market area, activity type, and corporate affiliation. This is dynamic database content, not warmed-over hyperlinks. The time you save will be your own.
Our second innovation is seen when you open up one of our articles. If we were another news service, this would be the end of the line—if you wanted background information on a news item, you'd be on your own. But we considerately provide a link—or many links—which allow you to jump straight into related records from our DACIS and DM&A databases. Company information... contracts... joint ventures... organizational hierarchies... customers... joint ventures... and mergers and acquisitions. It's all just a mouse-click away.
And to close the circle, two weeks from now when you ask "Where's that article on MEADS I was reading two weeks ago?" you'll open our Newswire, search the "Keyword Search" field for "MEADS" and... there it'll be. Because we're delighted to become your window on breaking developments—but we're happy to remain your institutional memory, too.
Welcome to the future! Let us know what you think, and what you'd still like to see. In the meantime, we're on to our next project—applying the tricks we've learned with the Newswire to take our company to the next level—and perhaps nudging yours along a bit in the process, too.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
July 16, 2001
Jul 16, 2001