September 11: What Changed, What Won't
Dear Subscribers,
The events of September 11 have changed our world, but have not altered our determination to persevere—and to prevail.
The despicable terrorist actions have taken the lives of Americans from every walk of life served by this company: the Pentagon, the investment community, and the defense/aerospace industry. Our prayers are with the families, friends, and co-workers of those who have lost their lives.
We express our unalloyed support for the President, the Congress, NATO, and the European Union, as they work together to fashion a suitable response to this act of war. We carry forward in the expectation of retribution that is swift, harsh, and absolute. We hope to see President Bush request extraordinary powers under the War Powers Act. And we hope against hope to see these powers requested in a joint session of the Congress—the forum chosen by Franklin Delano Roosevelt to respond to another day of infamy 60 years ago.
It was not happenstance that led the terrorists to strike at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. These were not merely high profile targets, but institutions in the vanguard of advancing and protecting our way of life. This way of life will always be opposed by those who choose to live and labor in the shadows of hatred and backwardness.
But those who strike at our citadels can never touch the spirit which raised them.
I have never been more proud to be associated with the outstanding men and women who work to protect and advance the freedoms that we all hold dear.

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
September 13, 2001
Sep 13, 2001