Now… the Ability to Mark Any Record, in Any Database… Using Our New ReportGenerator
Greetings, Good Subscribers,
Since we rolled out our site's current design 10 months ago, we've been soliciting your comments about further improvements you'd like to see.
By far the most-requested item has been the ability to generate a report, "so I don't have to individually print out each record I need."
Beginning today, I'm pleased to announce that you won't have to.
Our new ReportGenerator, distinguishable by its "InfoBase Red" buttons, does just about everything you've asked for. It allows you to flag any record, in any database, at any time. All the records you've flagged can then be brought together into a single document and printed (or turned into a PDF-format file).
The service works by setting "cookies" to your computer's hard drive. But don't worry... these are "per-session" cookies which will expire when you quit your browser. And you can use the ReportGenerator to manually "expire" them early... either to clear your electronic trail, or to clear the slate to begin preparing your next report.
The ReportGenerator has been thoroughly tested on a variety of browsers and computers (both Windows and Mac). But if you encounter any problems, please give us a call at 800-753-9988 (international callers: 703-726-9330) and we'll work them out. Direct e-mails to me personally at sjmccu@infobasepub.com.
So what comes next for the InfoBase service?
We have some ideas (we've discussed some of them in this space in the past), which you'll be seeing roll out in a steady stream as time passes.
We also remain keenly interested in your ideas... What do you wish we had? What do you wish worked better?
I look forward to working with all of you to continue to improve this unique service.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
April 18, 2002
Apr 18, 2002