DM&A Upgrades Its Holdings on Financial Advisors and Financials
Dear Subscribers,
The latest tweaking to our service can be found in the DM&A section.
You'll find the changes in the screen which displays individual deals. The improvements take three forms:
  • The Presentation is Snappier. Information about the buy side and sell side of transactions is presented in a more intuitive, and more graphical, manner. You'll note that all financial information regarding price appears under the Acquiror's box, while financial information about the target company (its revenues, earnings, headcount, etc.) fall under the box for that company.
  • There Are New Links to Financial Advisors. You're already able to link to profiles of financial advisors, using the "Investment Banks" linkage under the "DM&A Recent Deals, News & Analysis" header on our DM&A Search screen. Now you can link to the advisors (both buy side and sell side) directly from an individual DM&A record as well. Not all records are populated--as always, we appreciate your notifying us of any omissions.
  • Financial Information Has Been Beefed Up. We provide improved financial information on many deals, including two different flavors of earnings (operating income and net income) and some handy calculations (like price/revenues, price/operating income, and price/net income). We'll be beefing this information up further in coming months. One thrust will be enhancing the ability to search for this information.
And we have some other initiatives going on in the area of financials. Based on your input, that's where we need to be.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A)
September 4, 2003
Sep 4, 2003