The FY06 Model of Our DoD Budget Module: New and Improved
Centreville, VA. June 28, 2005 -- InfoBase Publishers, Inc. proudly announces the debut of its DoD Budget service, the most powerful tool ever made publicly available for analyzing the Pentagon's RDT&E and Procurement appropriations.
The DoD Budget service contains detailed individual information on the more than 1,800 RDT&E program elements and Procurement line items contained in the President's FY06 budget submission.
Like last year's product, this iteration of the DoD Budget service allows the user to search by military service, by keyword, by budget activity, and by funding levels for all available fiscal years (FY04-FY11). The service supports trend analysis and the ability to analyze a company's R&D pipeline and production base (either at the corporate, sector, or business unit level) or spending at individual agencies/commands. Information is exportable to spreadsheet format.
And the DoD Budget service again features thousands of proprietary linkages to information on companies, customers, and programs contained in other modules of InfoBase's flagship product, the Defense/Aerospace Competitive Intelligence Service (DACIS).
But much is new in this year's service, notably:
  • Procurement. Last year we published the approximately 800 records contained in the RDT&E budget request. This year we've added the 1,000 records contained in the Procurement budget request. No other competing service covers Procurement, much less with the exchaustive detail we've lavished on it, including linkages to all our other DACIS modules, including the records in the RDT&E appropriation.
  • Full Text Seach. You can now search the full text of each page of DoD's multi-thousand-page tome with Google-esque speed. This capability is ideal for data mining on technologies of interest ("electric drive", "MEMS", "nanotechnology", etc.).
  • Comparables, or, What a Difference a Year Makes. Now you can compare the numbers contained in the FY06 budget request with the numbers submitted a year earlier. What's up, what's down? And by how much? The interface for answering these questions is a model of simplicity. We think you'll like it, and use it, a lot.
  • Linkages to Contracts and Newswires. We've linked up our Contracts and Newswire modules with DoD Budget, allowing you to navigate back and forth between them. This is another "first" for our DoD Budget module—no other service does this.
"By databasing the Pentagon's FY06 budget submission, we've provided a level of usefulness unmatched by any other budget product," said InfoBase Publishers president and founder Stuart McCutchan. "And on top of that, our analysts have done something that nobody else could do—leveraged our DACIS product by linking it up with every RDT&E and Procurement item contained in the U.S. defense budget."
McCutchan concluded: "The goal, as with all of our products, is to place superior tools in the hands of decision makers charged with understanding this vast and growing marketplace."
To set up a tour of the DoD Budget service, log on to the InfoBase Publishers website at http://www.infobasepub.com. Click the "Take a Tour" button on the home screen for instructions on how to set up a demonstration of the service.
Founded in 1996, InfoBase Publishers, Inc. is the publisher of the Defense/Aerospace Competitive Intelligence Service", a revolutionary online CI resource focused on coverage of the defense and aerospace industries.
Jun 28, 2005