Searching Just Got Simpler - Introducing Our New Sitewide Search Capability
Greetings, Busy Subscribers,
Between them, our database modules have 79 search fields—and, as we well realize, sometimes that's 78 too many.
With this thought in mind (and thanks to your many requests, we know it's been on your minds, too) we roll out our new Sitewide Search feature. Now you can trawl through more than 100,000 records of proprietary InfoBase content, scattered across eight database modules. All from one field, found in the same place on every screen of our website. If you like Google, you'll like this.
This capability has been a couple of months in the making, and it's given us new respect for the accomplishments of Google and the other search engines. There's a simple inverse relationship at work here: the easier a feature will be to use, the harder it is to create.
So as you use this feature, and you...
  • Create complex searches, using both single keyworks and multi-word search strings;
  • Search for a program name (like A380) and see among your results the companies associated with that program;
  • Find hits for Newswires that were posted only 10 minutes ago;
  • Easily narrow down searches by adding new terms, and omitting terms you don't want; and
  • Link to hits even in unusual sources—like the Pentagon budget;
... as you do these things, we hope that you'll find you're saving time, and finding even more of the information you need.
And we hope that you'll dream up new features to ask us for, now that this one has been launched.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
March 10, 2005
Mar 10, 2005