FBO Pro™ is Dead, Long Live "DACIS Opps"
Dear DACIS Subscribers,
We've got to hand it to you all, you're up on your sources.
Many of you have been checking in with us, rightly concerned about the government's plans to discontinue the FedBizOpps service, rolling it into the greater glory of its new SAM.gov service. "We depend on FBO Pro™!" you've been telling us. If you weren't so agitated we'd be flattered.
For every person who's asked, we figure there's another who'll be silently white-knuckling the transition—which is going to take place over the coming weekend.
So we'd like to take the opportunity to reassure all of our subscribers—we've had this situation on our radar for many months. We're as prepared for the transition as it's possible to be. There will indeed be some changes in how we collect the data. If there are issues—and we don't expect there will be—they will be rapidly correctable. The worst-case scenario is that there could be a delay of hours in what we're providing you on Monday. Be assured: you won't miss any data.
There's good news too. The government has taken the opportunity to provide many new fields in "new FBO" (the government would prefer that you refer to it as the "Contract Opportunities" portion of SAM.gov). We'll be capturing all of the new fields, and we expect that in the long run they will result in some interesting new functionality in our service.
About that service: we're giving it a new name. Since FedBizOpps is now as defunct as the Commerce Business Daily before it, we're ditching the "FBO Pro™" name (trademark and all). The new name will be "Opps". A handle that's as simple and descriptive as the other components of the DACIS Professional Edition: Companies, Contracts, Programs, Customers, and Newswire.
Going forward, look for an announcement along these same lines pertaining to our "SAM" service. The government's SAM service is becoming the "Entity Information" portion of SAM.gov. So we'll be renaming our SAM service as well (something catchier than "Entity Information", with all due respect to the government's brand whizzes).
If you have any questions about the FBO Pro™ or SAM transitions, don't hesitate to contact your man in Client Relations, Bill Burton. He's reachable at bill.burton@dacis.com or (410) 253-9031.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Nov. 7, 2019
Nov 7, 2019