GSA Schedules, Multiple-Award IDIQs & You
Dear DACIS Subscriber,

If you've visited as many company websites as we have (for your sake, we hope not), you'll have noticed one thing they pretty much all have in common: a listing of Contract Vehicles—GSA Schedules, GWACs, BPAs, and multiple-award IDIQs—held by that company. Companies provide this information out of simple self-interest: they want you to know about the options they have for contracting with the U.S. federal government.
However, what they want you to know definitely isn't all that you'd like to know.
For starters, you'd also want to know the annual government spending on each. It would be helpful to see those vehicles rank-ordered, so that you could spot in an instant which vehicles are powering a company's growth, and which vehicles are idling at the curb, with nary a task order to their name.
When looking at one of these vehicles, you probably wouldn't say "no" if someone offered you one-click access to all its task orders. And when it came to GSA Schedules and GWACs, you might also appreciate being given a list—with hotlinks, why not?—of each Special Item Number (SIN) for which a company is eligible to bid.
Finally, if your special interest was in GSA, you'd definitely want a dedicated window into that vast and expanding universe of schedules and GWACs. You'd like that window to be searchable, sortable, and aggregate-able. You'd appreciate being able to sift the pool of contractors by socio-economic status—to find and rank the 8(a) companies, HUBZones, SDVOBs, etc. You'd want to be able to find and sum up all of the vehicles for companies like Booz Allen ($1.5B a year!), Leidos, Accenture, ManTech, and so on. And on, and on. More than 14,500 businesses hold GSA Schedules and GWACs.
Today, it's my great pleasure to say that the things you'd want to know about these Contract Vehicles, you can know. This capability is available today, and at no extra cost, to subscribers of our Professional Edition (that's pretty much all of you).
Beginning today, when you look at the "Related Links" of thousands of records in DACIS Companies and SAM, you'll find a "Contract Vehicles" option. (It's in red—we wouldn't want you to miss it.) Each does all the things described in the third and fourth paragraphs of this letter.
And if you're curious about "GSA Schedule Contracts", that service is making its DACIS debut in the left navigation pane of our Contracts module. With all the features described in the fifth paragraph.
We'd like to think the feature set is self-evident. But we take nothing for granted, and we never pass up an opportunity to check in with you, our valued customers. So Bill Burton, our indefatigable Client Relations Director, will be hosting a webinar dedicated to the service on Thursday, Nov. 1st, at 2:00PM ET. I'll be on the call as well, and look forward to personally guiding you through the capabilities we've added, and providing power tips for advanced users.
In the meantime, we invite you to try out your new tools.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Oct. 26, 2018
Oct 26, 2018