Meet the Parents!
Dear DACIS Subscriber,
Today we debut the ability to find Parent information in our SAM module.
Of course Parent information is invaluable for those who need to understand how companies are structured. And InfoBase is well positioned to provide it. Our analysts process a daily stream of corporate change information. We analyze all the companies we cover on a regular basis. And, of course, we also publish the Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A) service. Giving us the ability to make changes in Parent status in real time.
The inevitable choice for delivering "Parent" information was to use the CAGE Codes published by the U.S. government. There are over 1.5 million of them—enough to cover virtually every U.S. government contractor, and a surprisingly large number of international firms as well. And we already had them all in our System for Award Management (SAM) module.
Our approach has been to designate a single record in SAM as the "Parent CAGE" for each company, and then to link it up with all its business units. We got a start on the job back in late 2015, setting a goal of giving 5,000 companies the "Parent CAGE" treatment. Today, I'm happy to report that there are more than 5,200 "Parents" in SAM. Making this an excellent time to share our progress with you, our valued customers.
If we stopped at linking Parents with their business units, we'd already be providing you with something our competition doesn't. But we knew your requirements didn't stop there, so we didn't either. Instead we went on to turbocharge our capability with three powerful and unique features:
  • First, we've integrated in segment level information from our Companies module for hundreds of major companies. So you can find the CAGE Codes not just for General Dynamics as a whole, but also for it's Combat Systems Group, Information Systems and Technology Group (IS&T), etc.
  • Second, we've factored in joint ventures and equity stakes. Many companies simply can't be understood without this information. Here's one. And here's another.
  • And finally, third: When you search SAM using our new Parent Name field, you'll get not just a list of all CAGE codes belonging to that company/segment, but also their U.S. government prime contract obligations—for each business unit, and also as a total (scroll down).
We will continue to find places to factor in Parent information across our service. I'm particularly happy to say that one of the places it'll be showing up first is in a major new addition to the DACIS service. That's coming soon. Watch this space!
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Sept. 17, 2018

Sep 17, 2018