Dear DACIS Subscribers,
For more than two decades we've been creating and integrating a growing number of proprietary information modules (focused on topics like Companies, Contracts, M&A, Programs, and DoD Budget) along with high-powered riffs on U.S. government databases (FedBizOpps, SAM, and of course FPDS).
Many of you, our loyal customers, have been doing much the same thing. You subscribe to more than one information service. Naturally, you'd prefer to search all of them through one unified interface. To build that, a simple subscription to a service like ours isn't enough. You need the data itself, either on your servers, or accessible with special calls.
We've worked to accommodate your requests for our data, at first with one-off solutions, and later with the beginnings of an Application Programming Interface (API). We've all been on a learning curve, with some great folks, working with both our commercial and government customers.
Today I'm very pleased to announce the availability of a fully-documented, professional-grade API for most of our DACIS modules. Let's start by listing them:
  • Companies
  • Contracts
  • Programs
  • Customers
  • Defense Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A)
  • DoD Budget
  • Newswire
  • SAM (partial)
We've sunk hundreds of man-hours into our API, and there's lots to show for it. Our programmers are bragging on our documentation's ability to issue example calls which return actual data from our system. They also would have you know that you can query directly against the API for results to include in your applications, or you can iterate through the entire dataset and download the data for inclusion in your app.
We could go on, with more of this marvelous jargon we've been learning. But instead let me suggest that if you're interested in the API, that you'd give me a call—my cell is 703-317-7385—and we'll discuss your requirements. Heading into this conversation, be aware that there's a 15% annual surcharge for use of the API. And also that if you don't see the name of a module in the list above, it means we don't have an API for that one yet. If any of these missing modules are of particular importance to you, and you'd like to sponsor their development, we'd be happy to discuss that as well. We can structure the arrangement so that your costs will be recovered downstream.
Bottom line: if you're working on an internal search engine for your information services, or just thinking about it, let's talk.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Jan. 30, 2018
Jan 30, 2018