These Are the (Industry) Days
Dear Subscribers,
It's been nine months since my last update in this space. Time enough to require some explanation of what we've been up to.
Well, lots of things, small and large. A couple of high points, before getting to the matter at hand:
  • Earlier this year we rolled out a feature that grouped records in FBO Pro™, even when their solicitation numbers changed. (The Army's Limited Interim Missile Warning System (LIMWS) provides an example—note the grouped records in the right column.) And sometimes there'll be an update—a modification, an extension, a J&A—on a contract awarded years ago (as in this case). We figure that connecting these dots has to be saving a lot of you a lot of time and aggravation—or worse, missed opportunities.
  • Likewise we've been cooking up an API offering that's gotten both industry and government uptake. This initiative will definitely be getting it's own announcement in this space, but not quite yet. If you've got a keen interest, give me a call and we can discuss the roadmap and the current options. Yes, we're excited about it.
But for today, we wanted you to know about Industry Day information making its DACIS debut.
We've long been interested in Industry Days. Who's attending these events—their names, email addresses, phone numbers—is vital competitive intelligence. We decided we could digitize that, making connections to our SAM and FBO Pro™ modules, and for good measure throwing in links to LinkedIn pages when we could find them. Those pages often show the person's title, and we decided we'd digitize that, too.
The results are pretty terrific, in our humble opinion. Check out this record on the Air Force's cumberously titled Electro-Optical Combined Hyperspectral Imaging, Infrared Search and Track, and Long Range Imaging R&D (EO-CHIL) program.
And even if you have no interest in the EO-CHIL procurement in particular, one day you might be looking for contact information at, say, the Beavercreek, Ohio office of Leidos Corporation. If you were, you might well appreciate the linked Industry Day information which gives you five (as of this date) potential contacts. A constant refrain with our customers and evaluators has been that they need names and phone numbers at companies of interest. Well, here you go.
We're calling this a "beta" and it is. The information on each industry day is complete, but by no means are we representing this as a complete treatment of all industry days. That may never happen—there's a reason nobody else has dipped their toes in these waters. But you'll notice a lot of coverage in the area of C4ISR, and that's no accident. We're preparing an update to our Advance C4ISR service. Later this year there'll be an update about that in this space, too.
In the meantime, be assured that we remain dedicated to continuously improving your DACIS experience. Even if we go nine months without saying so.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
July 24, 2017
Jul 24, 2017