DACIS Profiles, New and Improved
Dear Subscribers,
In the two years since it was introduced, Profiles has become one of the most popular features of the DACIS service. For the hundreds of you who have set up Profiles, today I'm delighted to report a major improvement to the service.
You've always been able to use Profiles to receive emails on new items you've flagged as being of interest. But these emails have consisted of the text of the update only... no links, and no automated way back into the DACIS service. Yes, we know... it hasn't been a very DACIS-like experience.
Today, all that changes.
The new DACIS Updates you'll receive from here on out will contain not the text of the newswire item, but a clickable link of the article's title. Click that link and you'll be taken directly to that page within the DACIS Newswire in your preferred browser.
It gets better.
If you've set up automatic login to our site (either with VIP Access or with our cookie-driven "Remember Me" feature), you'll find that you're fully logged in to the DACIS service, ready to make full use of it, if you so desire.
But wait, there's more.
It may also happen that the recipient of your email doesn't have automatic login set up. The recipient may not even be a DACIS subscriber. No problem... in that case the recipient will get the same DACIS presentation in their browsers, along with 10 free "clicks" on links related to the article they've been sent. With our compliments. Try getting that anywhere else.
This feature was inspired by your comments. Please keep them coming!
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
March 31, 2006

Mar 31, 2006