Our Contracts Module Gets Some Backup: Three Quarter Million Records From FedBizOpps
Dear Subscribers,
I'm pleased to introduce the first of a number of upgrades to our Contracts module.
Beginning today subscribers to our Contracts module will see something new when looking at many contracts awarded by the U.S. government: links to announcements regarding that contract from the Federal Business Opportunities (FedBizOpps) service.
This is a big deal (if we'd known just how big, we might have hesitated before undertaking this project). There are more than three quarters of a million records in FedBizOpps, going back to the service's inception (Dec. 15, 2001). We now "own" them every last one of them, and are importing several hundred more a day into our new FedBizOpps module.
Our programming wizards have linked this new resource with our Contracts module, making it possible to link directly from a contract to relevant announcements appearing in FedBizOpps. Again, this is a big deal: those FedBizOpps announcements, which include the earliest pre-solicitation documents, often contain a wealth of information which can be found nowhere else. They are vital to understanding what's going on with a contract.
We think you'll find this enhancement to our Contracts module to be easy, intuitive, and lightning fast. It puts an amazing quantity of information right where you want it: at your fingertips.
Most of all, we think you're going to like the price: free with your DACIS Standard subscription. When was the last time anybody gave you three quarters of a million of anything for nothing?
We look forward to extracting further value from this vast trove of FBO information. (If you have suggestions along those lines, we'd love to hear them.) And we're also looking forward to delivering other new functionality in our Contracts module. Watch this space.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
November 14, 2006
Nov 14, 2006