A Major Upgrade to the "Export to Excel" Feature of Our ReportGenerator
Dear Subscribers,
For years our ReportGenerator has given you the ability to export records from DACIS to Microsoft Excel.
But the output was nothing to write home about (although a few of you did write to us about it). Columns had to be resized. Headers needed to be reformatted. And countless little gremlins had to be manually exorcised from the text.
Today, I'm happy to report that you'll no longer need to do any of those things. Go ahead, try it out. We think you're going to be pleased.
I would like to add that we regret the delay in getting to this one, folks. We like to move on subscriber requests much more quickly. This was a case of the technology (XML) catching up with the need. But now that it has done so, the response has been immediate: one of our subscribers has already told us that this improvement "will give me hours back to do other things."
If we had a mission statement, saving you hours would be in it. And not resting on our laurels would be too. Some other timesaving measures are on the way.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
July 18, 2007
Jul 18, 2007