Now Searchable in Contracts: A Quarter-Million Awards from FedBizOpps
(Early) Christmas Greetings, DACIS Subscribers,
A particularly significant milestone has been reached in our ongoing effort to weave FedBizOpps into the warp and woof of the DACIS service.
As of today when you search the 75,000 (and counting) contracts in our Contracts module, you'll have the option to broaden your search to include the 225,000-plus (and counting) awards contained in our FedBizOpps service.
Or you can search just the FedBizOpps service. It's your choice. (Sorry, awards only, no solicitations. This is a Contracts module, after all.)
We think the two modules have been integrated rather nicely—intuitively, even. But let us know if you strike problems... This is a beta, after all.
Next on tap in our ongoing roll-out: a FedBizOpps search screen, so you can search for solicitations too.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Dec. 12, 2007
Dec 12, 2007