A fable from India tells of a group of blindfolded men trying to describe an elephant by only touching a part of the beast. As the story goes, each man's perception is sharply formed by his reference point such as the trunk, an ear, or a leg.

Understanding the defense, aerospace, and government technology markets can be much the same, with perceptions being shaped by the information sources that we use. Massive government databases, staff forecasters, chatty vendors, personal experience, market intuition, and a limitless supply of search engines can make it tough to make the right decisions.

This is where we help.

The Defense and Aerospace Competitive Intelligence Service (DACIS) provides comprehensive and multi-dimensional coverage of the worldwide defense, aerospace, and U.S. government marketplace. Twelve seamlessly integrated modules deliver the market intelligence required for your business development and strategic planning processes.

DACIS Professional Edition

The core of DACIS consists of six world-class information modules in a singular package, Professional Edition. Making great use of relational database technology, we've interwoven these modules to create more than two million easily found and easily searchable pages.

    • Newswire: Breaking defense and aerospace industry news and information. Integrated with all modules, Newswire provides context and background that others can't.
    • Companies: Business unit-specific data such as structure, subsidiaries, JVs, and equity interests on thousands of companies and a half-million U.S. Government contractors.
    • Programs: Information on the requirements and scope of thousands of major programs with links to suppliers, contract obligations to date, DoD Budget line items, and more.
    • Contracts: A vast repository of contracts information offering details of work performed, subcontractor involvement, and even losing bidders.
    • Customers: Information about government agencies, first-tier prime contractors, and commercial entities that buy defense and aerospace products and services.
    • Opps: Makes quick and easy sense of the industry's single largest source of new business leads using alerts, rankings and DACIS integration.

Download the DACIS information brief here.

DACIS Specialty Modules

DACIS power can be extended with additional specialized modules focused on specific market areas so you can get what you need as you need it:

  • DoD Budget: Access funding projections and trends, link to related projects, detailed roadmaps, and more.
  • DACIS Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A): Provides comprehensive coverage and daily insight into the industry's M&A activity.
  • FPDS Pro:  The Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) contains every single prime contract awarded by the U.S. Government.  FPDS Pro  gives you a unique 'guided' search capability, custom reports, saved searches, and, of course, full DACIS integration.
  • Advance|C4ISR: C4ISR opportunity research capabilities to help you make the right opportunity decisions in your capture management practices.
  • Focus MAIQ:  Indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ). Omnibus. Government-Wide Acquisition Vehicle (GWAC).  Multiple Award Contract (MAC). No matter what they're called (we settled on the all-encompassing "MAIQ"), there's $$$ trillions flowing through these procurements.
  • Focus NASA:  An intuitive interface enables a deep dive into the current NASA contracting marketplace. Johnson, Goddard, Kennedy, Marshall, etc., if it's NASA, it's here.

DACIS searches out and makes sense of the massive amounts of market information so you can spend your time making decisions that positively impact your organization. With DACIS, you can:

  • Improve decision-making with insight into contract funding and qualifying information
  • Save time and money by helping improve resource allocation
  • Understand the details and trends of contracts and the defense business
  • Gain a competitive edge through comprehensive industry and contract views

Even better, DACIS allows you to share across your organization so you can be sure that everyone is working from the same information. Dynamically updated with expert analysis and industry news sources, DACIS is the trusted provider of market information to nearly all of the industry's largest firms. Experience DACIS for yourself and start improving your perception of the defense, aerospace, and government technology markets.

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