Sure, there are
Companies services out there that cover more industries than we do.
But for the defense, aerospace, and
government technology companies
you actually care about, nothing
comes close to DACIS Companies.

Competitive intelligence is companies intelligence. It’s knowing who you’re up against, who you should be teaming with, who’s the best fit for acquisition. There’s a lot riding on those decisions. You need more than just basic company coverage – you need industry-specific detail and context. This is where DACIS breaks away from the pack.

We specialize in covering the businesses that you care about – competitors, partners, and customers. With the Companies module in DACIS, companies are broken out into operating segments, then down to the divisions within those segments, and finally into the business units, joint ventures, and equity interests which report to those divisions. You told us that you needed this level of detail, which is why we do the heavy lifting to put it together for you.

You need to look beyond the company marquees, and that’s what we do for you. DACIS helps you see what’s going on inside organizations. Our coverage is dynamically and continuously updated so you will never miss a step in keeping up.

The DACIS Companies module provides information on large, mid-sized, and smaller firms participating in the defense, aerospace, and government technology marketplace. Our proprietary coverage encompasses more than: 

  • 5,000+ unique companies in nearly 70 nations
  • 11,000+ records with deep organizational detail
  • 500,000+ companies registered to do business with the U.S. government

Even better, since Companies is integrated with DACIS, we give you each business unit's history, its programs, its contracts, its acquisitions, its reorganizations, its leadership changes. Even its name changes are grandfathered into our system to help you gain a complete understanding of the companies you care about the most.


DACIS Companies is part of the DACIS Professional Edition and complements the DACIS DoD Budget, DM&A Service, and Advance|C4ISR modules.

"We have to understand what's happening in the information technology market place and need more than new variations on company rankings. To dig, investigate and explain what our competitors are doing, there's nothing like this service."
Thomas Auld, Manager, Business Intelligence, Northrop Grumman Information Technology
"The DACIS system is the most recent addition to our BD Toolbox and has quickly gained support among our users. It is a comprehensive system, containing numerous modules. It provides the user so much detailed information, it's almost like having a CI analyst working right along with you!"
Saundra L. Bowersox, Director, Competitive Intelligence, L-3 MPRI
"When using subscription databases for Price to Win (PTW), I spend 80% of my time in DACIS because it provides the most complete and comprehensive competitive intelligence of any service on the market. DACIS enables us to quickly get a snapshot of a market, competitor, or program without having to spend significant time searching multiple sources. Thank you!"
Ricardo Lopez, Director, Competition Solutions, Lone Star