Get Access to FPDS Pro™
The Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) is the largest and most formidable of U.S. government databases. As part of DACIS, FPDS takes on new levels of usefulness—and ease of use. Subscribe today.
Subscribing to the FPDS Pro™ module will give you:
  • Full DACIS Integration. Intuitive two-way links connect five DACIS modules—Contracts, Cost Centers, Companies, Programs, Opps—with our FPDS Pro™ module. Information shows up in context, where you'd expect it.
  • Guided Search. When searching a database with more than 50 million records and dozens of fields, it's easy to spin your wheels. Our exclusive Guided Search feature zeroes you in on just the data that's relevant—and rank orders it for good measure. You'll be astonished at the insights you've gained before you even submit the search.
  • Save Your Searches. The searches you create in FPDS Pro™ can be saved for future use. Whether you need to regularly monitor a competitor, or a market, or even an individual contract, this capability will save you time and hassle. And every time you reactivate a saved search, it will refresh with up-to-date FPDS data.
  • Export Your Data. For some of you, data that isn't in a pivot table isn't quite real. We get that. And give you multiple ways to export to Microsoft Excel™
  • Generate Reports. Even Excel™ aficionados might find our FPDS Reports feature tempting. Choose from more than a dozen formats. Ths being a DACIS product, you'll be able to drill down into each option, with links available to take you into other modules.
  • Bottom Line: FPDS Pro™ is EASY AND POWERFUL. If you've used other FPDS services, you're going to love this one. Give it a try—and kiss that government website you've been using goodbye.
If you'd like to learn more about the FPDS Pro™ module, click the "Learn More" button below. To set up an evaluation, we encourage you to contact your account representative, , by phone at , or by email to schedule a tour of the service.