Get Access to DACIS Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A)
M&A executives and CI professionals have been relying on DACIS Mergers & Acquisitions (DM&A) since the late 1980s. Today could be the day you join them.
Unlike other generalist M&A services, DM&A focuses on the industry where you do business—defense, aerospace and government technology. We live here too, so we have some things to say about the deals reshaping the industry. Private equity deals. International deals. More. DM&A is the industry's most respected source of M&A information and analysis. Built on the foundation of a world-class competitive intelligence service, DM&A has no peer. Advance | C4ISR can be used as a standalone tool, or you can leverage it's seemless integration with DACIS for unparalleled deep coverage of the C4ISR market and unique information research capabilities that support and empower your capture management practices.
  • The DM&A Database Module. The DM&A database contains more than 15,000 transactions, going back to the early 1980s. New transactions are added daily, while old transactions are updated with information from SEC filings and other financial sources.
  • The DM&A Daily eNewsletter. Arrives daily in your email. Who's buying who, who's on the block, who's advising who, and what we think about it. It's all here, and a lot of it is nowhere else.
  • Comparable Deals. View the deal-making which is reshaping industry sectors and niches of interest.
  • Private Equity. Over 200 private equity firms, and all their portfolio companies of interest. It's the industry's most exhaustive "For Sale" listing.
  • Buyer Profiles. A look at the industry's top buyers, with deals grouped by operating sector.
  • Investment Advisors. A comprehensive listing of who's advised who on which transactions.
  • DACIS Linkages. DM&A is an integral component of DACIS. When deals go final, you'll see their effects instantly reflected in the detailed organizations of the companies involved. That's vital insight into thousands of companies which you won't get anywhere else.
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