The Transition to DACIS Opps, a Week In
Dear DACIS Subscribers,
Call me an optimist. In my last posting to you I described plans for our transition from FBO Pro™ to DACIS Opps, a move being driven not by choice but by necessity—the need to track with the government's transition from the FBO.gov website (from which our FBO Pro product derived its information) to the new beta.SAM.gov.
I said that we were as prepared as we could possibly be. I predicted that any glitches would be resolved in a matter of hours.
I was right on the first count. But oh, how wrong on the second.
What we hadn't counted on was the royal foul-up of the government's own transition. In particular, what should have been a simple matter: making sure that links to solicitation documents were provided in the same way as before.
So, here's where we are:
  • All notices posted by the government are now showing up in DACIS Opps without delays or omissions
  • All new notices posted since Nov 11 contain proper linkage to the corresponding solicitation documents.
  • Searching works
  • Opps Alerts emails will be going out in the normal fashion, beginning tomorrow
  • We're working full-time on restoring the automatic linkage of Opps notices to our Customers module. It's working for many records already. We should be fully restored by week's end.
  • Links to solicitation documents on historic Opps notices are the long pole in the tent. We will have those for you, hopefully this week. In the meantime, if you need them, click on the "Link to This Notice at SAM.gov" to download them from the govvies.
For another perspective on how the government's transition to beta.SAM.gov is going (spoiler alert: not so well) you might want to read this commentary from Nick Wakeman at Washington Technology.
Mr. Wakeman notes that key features from FBO.gov have inexplicably gone missing. Push notifications, for starters. The ability to save searches. Advanced searches are difficult. And for days on end, the site was slow, slow, slow.
He also reports that certain longed-for features are still MIA. He wishes he could search back further than a year. He says it would be nice to see connections between procurements.
I mention these things not to rub the government's nose in the current situation (although really, what did they expect, moving this key, heavily trafficked service to a BETA site?). No, I mention them because they're ALL standard features of DACIS Opps. As we've been telling numerous subscribers who never really took a look at the FBO offering in DACIS.
If you haven't taken a look at DACIS Opps, we'd invite you to join your man in Customer Service, Bill Burton, for a webinar on December 6th.
Because even when the government gets its act together on beta.SAM.gov, DACIS Opps is going to remain the clear feature favorite for searching, tracking, and receiving notifications about U.S. federal government opportunities. And we will continue to be the only game in town for providing linkages to all of the background information—Customers, Programs, DoD Budget, and Companies—available from the rest of DACIS.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Nov. 18, 2019
Nov 18, 2019