Turning "SAM I Am" Into "SAM You Can"
Dear DACIS Subscribers,
The System for Award Management registry of U.S. Government contractors is chock full of vital competitive intelligence. More than half a million companies. Their CAGE Codes and NAICS codes. Their ability to pursue set-aside work.
But as good as SAM is, it could be better (as any of you who've searched the government's cumbersome website knows full well).
We've been working on that for a while, and there's further substantial progress to report:
  • We've Integrated SBA Information. The Small Business Administration maintains its own database on government contractors. We've integrated that with our SAM module. As a result, you will see text descriptions of hundreds of thousands of small and disadvantaged businesses. Dates when they entered, and will exit, the 8(a), SDB, and HUBZone programs. Corporate principals. Here's a record which showcases all that: Resource Management Concepts Inc.
  • We've Been Building Hierarchies. Many companies have multiple records in SAM. We've been linking those up under "Parent CAGE" records, based on our own analysis. This brings together all business units with CAGE Codes at a glance. A few examples (these links will work only if you're a subscriber or evaluator):
  • We're Doing Great Things With Joint Ventures. The government's version of SAM doesn't even try to tell you who's participating in joint ventures. But we're picking up where they leave off, with original and painstaking research which results in nuggets of pure gold like this:And we even factor JVs into our SAM hierarchies. You'll immediately grasp that there's no understanding a company like Applied Technology Associates (ATA) without understanding their joint ventures.
The investment in SAM is only part of a larger push to upgrade our Companies coverage. We've been hiring, and the results are starting to be evident not just in SAM, but in our Companies module as well. We think the results are great, and should continue to keep Companies in the top slot as the DACIS service's most popular module.
We've been making progress on other fronts as well. Our FPDS module is very close, and it's very good. There'll be more to say on that soon.
Best regards,

Stuart McCutchan
InfoBase Publishers, Inc.
Aug. 8, 2016
Aug 8, 2016