Your company's focus
is on civil agency work,
outside the traditional
scope of DACIS.
You need a capture tool to evaluate
the competitive field, and find the
right teammates. We've built it.
We call it CapturePro™.

As a decades old leader of competitive intelligence in the defense and aerospace industry, InfoBase Publishers provides the most comprehensive insight into the Civilian Agency Market as well.

This comes from a highly customized and uniquely powerful version of three U.S. government databases that provide straight facts from the online data sources that matter most to your business—FedBizOpps, the System for Award Management (SAM), and the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS).  We've linked them, and empowered them to answer our customers' toughest questions about opportunities, companies, and contracts. Welcome to CapturePro, a capture tool for companies who need to evaluate competitors and build teams to maximize their P-win—quickly, easily and effectively.

CapturePro™ - FAQ
You'll be impressed with the ways we can help with your "FAQ" list:
Who is this company? What's their SDB/minority status? Who are their primary customers? Do they have a solid contracts base, or are they in top line trouble?
What are the agencies they're strong in? Where do they have prime contracts?
Where have they done this type of business?
How do I contact them? Who are their principals?
Are they a teammate for this opportunity or a likely competitor?
Are we going after the right business and does it align with our corporate strategy?
Credibility Check
It takes just a minute to compile a rank-ordered list of who's serving a particular customer, in a particular NAICS code. To cinch down by contract type, by company type (small business? SDVOB? 8(a)?) To look at each company's leading contracts. You'll know who's got credibility where it counts. And you won't need a degree in our app to figure that out.
Know the Opportunity
We've layered a lot of capability on top of the U.S. government's FedBizOpps information. Our search engine drills into customers at multiple levels. We follow opportunities through the solicitation process—as their solicitation numbers change, we don't lose the thread. We link to information on the opportunity's predecessor. We've integrated protest information from the GAO. And we give you a world-class notification system to keep updated on information you're especially interested in.
If you need to compile information about anything and keep it resident in our application, you'll appreciate our Datasets capability. Here you can bring together the results of all your research on an opportunity—the companies, the contracts they'll claim as credibility, the customers—and organize it to suit your requirements and taste.
Know the Customer
We give you precisely the customer you're after—all the spending, with all the contractors, and all the contracts. But we don't stop there. We let you drill in on the NAICS codes you're after, the contract types you're most interested in, even breaking out work on GSA schedules and multiple-award contract vehicles. Our Guided Search anticipates your every question, and rank-orders your options. You'll be astonished at the ease with which actionable insights emerge from your search.
Sitewide Search
CapturePro™ consists of three world-class database modules. But if you prefer a single search interface to three, we've got you covered. Our Sitewide Search capability is extraordinarily powerful, searching all three modules, and returning ranked results, intuitively grouped under the heading of the module it was found in. Even Google™ doesn't know that trick.
Free Training
We offer monthly webinars for our customers and individual training and support. So long as it's over the phone or in a Webex, it's all free.